Philadelphia, PA Civil/Structural Engineer, Architect, Planner, HHS Building Inspector

John J. Hare, R.A., P.E., P.P.

John J. Hare, R.A., P.E., P.P. provides residential, commercial and industrial buildings structural inspections in the Philadelphia, PA and surrounding area including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and the continental United States. Whether your home inspector found structural problems during his inspection, or you have structural issue concerns, Mr. Hare offers you his in-depth understanding of construction based on over 40 years of experience in all aspects of the construction industry as a contractor, architect and engineer.

Mr. Hare will bring his expertise to work for you and help you to identify any issues that would affect the structure of your home or building.

Our Structural Inspections Services Include:

  • Basement structural problems / water intrusion issues
  • Construction damage due to falling trees, collisions, weather, fire or builder error
  • Construction consulting and inspections during construction
  • Fountain and pool structural inspections
  • Termite and wood destroying insect damage
  • Reinforced concrete, slabs, masonry, steps and walkways
  • Code compliance issues

I am a registered architect in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia; a professional engineer; a professional planner; and certified nationally and licensed in the state of New Jersey as a High Rise and Hazardous Structures Building Inspector.

Contact John J. Hare, R.A., P.E., P.P today to discuss your needs at 856-589-9302, or browse the website for more information about architectural and engineering services, construction litigation support or personal injury litigation support.

Structural Inspector - Philadelphia, PA - John J. Hare, R.A., P.E., P.P - Licensed High Rise and Hazardous Structures Building Inspector


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